Many Happy Returns!


Catalogue 2

OK kids, this is what we had before the web. Yes, there was a before…

We’re 20!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday PHDee-ee…

Happy Birthday to us!

That’s right folks, two whole decades of PHD. Doesn’t really sound like much, does it? Well, it’s a bit deceptive, perhaps: Peter Hutchinson’s actually been making gear since the ’60s. But making this gear, this way: that began back in August 1998, when we had a printed catalogue (remember them?) and selling online seemed like a bit of a flash-in-the-pan novelty!

So, how are we celebrating?

Good question. And you know what? We’re not sure. In all honesty, we’d completely forgotten about it! There was a half-distracted comment in the office (“Hang on…I think we’re 20 this month…I think…?”) which led us to go and look it up, and sure enough, yes we are.

So if anyone fancies baking us a cake, that would be lovely.

Maybe you could say it’s quite fitting: making to order means not having to launch new ranges every year, so of course we didn’t notice how many years there had been! Or as Pete put it: “PHD is too peculiar, too small and too busy with the present to spend time compiling a record of past achievements: our history is best defined for us by the living stream of customer reports we receive.”

On the other hand, maybe we’ll have to have a big bash when we hit 21 next year and properly come of age…



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