A Very Important Lady


M Jones

A glimpse inside PHD’s hallowed halls

Right at the very beginning of PHD, when Pete Hutchinson set up his cutting table in a barn in the Yorkshire Dales, Margaret Jones was sewing the kit together for him in her spare room. In fact, she’d already been working with Pete for many years; she’s very much part of the fabric of the company. No pun intended…but it was quite a good one, so it’s staying.


Some day, little one, all this will be yours…

Unfortunately though, Margaret is not staying. Her expertise with a sewing machine has been crucial to the gear you folks are all using, both as a seamstress and – as the company grew – as manager of the sewing room. Fortunately, part of her role has involved teaching the next generation of machinists – there’s no way we could allow those skills to be lost!

So take a look at the photo from her leaving do in the workshop (below): although those white mules may seem unremarkable, we can assure you those are some pretty massive shoes to fill.

As Margaret heads off to enjoy her well deserved retirement, she takes with her our heartfelt thanks and very best wishes.

Cheers Mags!



The lady in question, seated front and centre


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