PHD Custom Sizing

Some people are size Medium, some are Large. But many are neither, and many are both! We’ve made custom size gear for years, by request, but now it’s started to make its way onto our main website.

A very nice lady called Tanya, who lives up in Alaska, wanted a suit of winter gear for Arctic conditions, which was outside the standard spec. So that’s what we made, and this is what she said. It seems to have done the trick, but we think maybe her exclamation-mark key was sticking a bit…

I received my super custom order yesterday! I LOVE IT ALL!! It fits Perfectly! All so beautiful, lightweight, silky, so elegant! It exceeded my expectations and I am incredibly happy! This is the nicest parka / snow suit I’ve ever had in my life! The zippers work so easy! What an incredible change from what I’ve had in the past! The stitching and lines are pure perfection! I am so Impressed!!

If you can never get long enough sleeves without buying a size too big, or if a broad enough jacket drags around your knees, take a look at our custom-fit jackets. We’ll keep adding more of our styles to the range but, in the meantime, if there’s something that you can’t see – or if you just want to chat about what you need – drop us a line or give us a call.



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