So light it’s just not fair!


Rebecca Ferry

160km – 100 miles, if you prefer – in under a week is quite an undertaking. Even more so when you do it at altitude. Even more so when you consider that the height gain is upwards of 28,000m.

To put it in terms of the mountain which serves as your backdrop, that’s going from sea level to the summit of Everest more than three times over, in just six days.

So, it’s not really surprising that competitors in the Everest Trail Race like to keep the weight in their bags to a minimum! That’s why Rebecca Ferry came to us for her gear, but as it turned out, we managed to make the kit lighter than anyone really expected

Your kit is AMAZING !! Wow – very impressed. I’m a really cold person but even on my own in a tent at -8°C I was comfortably warm. It’s also incredibly light. So light, the organisers made me take extra items to MAKE UP weight in my bag! The race itself was rather hard but fantastic. 4th lady and 17th overall so pleased with my first mountainous multi stage event attempt. I think I’ll go back next year.

As well as the Ultra Jacket she’s wearing in the picture, she took a Minim 400 K sleeping bag, Minimus Trousers, and Wafer Socks.

4th place on her first attempt: a very impressive achievement, we’re sure you’ll agree. Congratulations Rebecca, and best of luck next year!

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